The church is not a building.



The church is you, it is me.



The church is all of us, brought together as a family of faith.    


We know that the church is not a building, and yet, when I think of my church family I almost always see our building in the background.  I would guess that you might have the same experience and it makes sense. It is the space that we gather in for worship, the space that provides an arena for our fellowship, it the space we use to love and serve our community, it is space that hosts young single moms through Young Lives and many who are recovering from addiction through Narcotics Anonymous.  Our church’s building is a space that gives us the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with children and their families every day of the week.


Our building may not be the church, but it certainly does empower the church’s work.


Our Board of Administration has identified several capital improvement projects aimed at doing that very thing - empowering our work, helping us to share the love of Jesus in Belleville and Beyond.  The projects range from building security and playground modernization to new flooring to enhance our worship space. Each of the projects will help us be the church, loving and serving one another and our community.  The cost of the projects sits at approximately $105,000.00. We are calling this effort the Discovery Project.


I want to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in the Discovery Project by praying for the work of the church and your role(s) in it and by prayerfully considering a pledge to this project. As God’s people, his church, we have much to be thankful for and much to look forward to.  I pray this note finds you well and I look forward to continuing to see how God works through each of us to bring his love to our community.


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