Ages: 2.5 years to 3.5 years
(Ages can vary based on development)

Open Arms has a unique opportunity in this program to serve children who may be, by age, eligible for our Preschool Program but developmentally would struggle to meet the requirements for the Preschool Program. This may be due to a skill delay, toilet training delay, or lack of language skills. The Early Preschool Program will follow a Preschool schedule, but with some modifications to allow for the children to continue to work on, and master, the skills they need to be successful in the Preschool Program.

The Early Preschool Program holds a ratio of 1 teacher to 8 children. This is a lower ratio than is held in our Preschool Program (1:10), due to the need to be more closely focused on the skill-building and toilet training the children need. Additionally, the Early Preschool Program will work on the traditional skill building of letter recognition, early math and reading skills, and appropriate social interactions with peers.

The Early Preschool Program is offered year round and follows the Preschool Program transition schedule. Placement into this program is at the Director’s discretion.